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Are you waiting to pass your ORE/LDS exams but looking for work in the mean time in a clinical environment?

Are you an overseas qualified Dentist looking for work in the UK but don’t have your GDC registration?

Are you looking to get back into Dentistry?

At James and J consultancy we want to support those who have qualified as a Dentist outside of the UK but aren’t able to practise until they gain their GDC registration.

We speak to many clinicians who are working outside of dentistry as there are no opportunities for them until they have passed the required exams.

We want to support you to get back into a clinical environment and work within Dentistry until you are ready to register for the GDC as a Dentist – to help during this time, we can help you to get registered as a Dental Hygienist and Therapist in the UK.

We offer all the support and opportunity you need to get your career off to a flying start.

We have many Overseas Qualified Dentists currently working in practices as a Dental Hygienist and Therapist whilst they wait to sit their ORE/LDC exams, but this role is a certain platform to support you on your journey until you find a role as a Dentist (NHS or private).

As a Dental Hygienist or therapist you will be equipped with further understanding surrounding NHS regulations, complaint handling, and further exposure to different materials, dental software and working towards CPD early on. This places you in a much better position later down the line after passing the ORE exams, than other candidates who had no UK dental experience. Most importantly it gives you the confidence to deal with patients.

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At James and J consultancy we will assist and support  your application to register with GDC. We check and analyse all your application documents and the decision is taken by GDC. We are an independant organisation and not related to GDC.

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